Shri Gattulalji’s Personality

The lecture given by Shri Tilkayatji after awarding a title of ‘Vedanta Bhattacharya’ to Shri Gattulalji in a public meeting:

“That which is not Anadi/unoriginated is not Sampradaya/sect. They should be known as ways. Nowadays due to influence of Kalikala lot of such ways have come up & are being formed. Just as in monsoon water palvals (small ponds) are formed & are separated. Their fruits in the same manner are having an origin &end also.

Different Margas do not have proper system describing means of attaining knowledge (Pramaan) & this is necessary for every Sampradaya. In our Sampradaya Shri Acharyacharan Shri Vallabhacharya has very nicely adopted that system of Pramaan, Prameya, Sadhan & Phal. (System of attainment of knowledge, the object/subject of knowledge, the means of attaining knowledge & the fruit) in his works Tatvarthadeep Nibandh, Subodhiniji, Anubhasya etc.

But nowadays culture of learning & teaching is abolished from vaishnavas hence most of them are not able to know these. If we ask all the vaishnavas present here they will not be able to say that Shri Acharyaji has written these many books. It is a most pathetic situation that vaishnavas even do not know the names of the Granthas (Books) written by Shri Acharyaji. In our (Maharajs) class also the same situation exists. Teaching/learning activity has disappeared from most of the places. Say, where do we find learned people? By God’s grace there are seldom few of them but vaishnavas criticize them unnecessarily. And they do not have any support even from our Maharajs. And some do not accept anything from our Maharajs & vaishnavas do not give them. And in case some are ready to give our Maharaj Society prohibit them. How our Sampradaya can rise under these problems. But this is totally improper because of that Sampradaya has suffered a lot & future possibility also does exist. Therefore Sampradayic learned Pandits should be given support by vaishnavas necessarily.

I have myself decided to send vaishnavas to here & foreign country to make the availability of knowledge easy, who will go there & give knowledge.

Pandit Shri Gattulalji’s study & capability of grasping is best & that forces me to say this. At this hour our Sampradayic ancestral knowledge with study if available it is only in him. It is not proper to say this in his presence but there is no other personality like him in our Sampradaya.

God may bless him with long life.

Asmita Bodh:
The necessity of encouraging the learned scholars of the Sampradaya & engage them in imparting & propagating the knowledge of our Sampradaya in the followers.

The necessity of study of philosophy & Granthas of Shri Mahaprabhuji, other Acharyas & learned scholars.