Shri Govindji of Kaamvan

About 4-5 generations back Shri Govindji had settled in Jaipur with the request of the Maharaja of Jaipur. The glory of Pushtimarg was such at that time that the kings of different states were eager to have the Acharyas settle in their states. They used to give all respect, facilities and even property gifts to them. Shri Govindji was similarly staying in Jaipur with all such respect. The king of Jaipur was religious but believing in Lord Shiva. He once called for Shri Govindji to his palace to explain him the significance of Tilak and Tulsi Mala.

Shri Govindji, a personality of self-respect replied that he has not done any offence of the state then why should he come to the court of the king? If the king is willing to learn something from me, he should come to my place and not that I should go to him. Thinking that the king will be offended by this he decided to leave Jaipur with his Thakorji leaving all his belongings and properties in Jaipur. The kings of Bikaner, Jodhpur and Kishangadh (the nearby border states), got this information and thought that the king of Jaipur might harass Shri Govindji. Therefore they came to the border with their respective armies so that if required they will attack Jaipur and free Shri Govindji.

Shri Govindji then shifted to Bikaner on request of Maharaja and settled there. The Maharaja built a beautiful architectural palace for his stay (The palace still exists and is used as a government office). Once, the Maharaja of Bikaner casually remarked to Shri Govindji that the prasad of your Thakorji did not taste good. Shri Govindji, hearing this got annoyed and told the Maharaj who are you to criticize my Thakorji or his Prasad, I will now leave Bikaner. He left Bikaner leaving all his belongings and properties.

Asmita Bodh:
The respect, the Acharyas of Pushtimarg used to get from the Maharajas. The importance of the self-respect of an individual and of Marg compared to the material welfare. Fearlessness due to faith in the deity and his seva.