Shri Narayandas Luhana

Narayandas. He put him in jail. He also imposed a fine of Rs.5 lacs on him. It was decided that everyday Narayandas should pay Rs.5,000 & the day he is not able to pay that he should be beaten 500 blows with stick.

In Adel, two Brahmin vaishnavas were divine servants (sevaks) of Shri Acharyaji. Their daughter became of the age of marriage. They did not have enough money to get her married. So both of them decided to seek help from Narayandas, take money from him & get their daughter married.

When they came, they found that Narayandas was not available. They decided to get up early in the morning & go to him. One vaishnav told Narayandas that two brahmin sevaks of Shri Acharyaji have come to meet him & in the morning after knowing that he was in jail they went away. Narayandas sent one of his servants to them & requested them to see him in the morning.

They brought the bags of mahaprasad (divine left over) of Shri Acharyaji & Nathji & gave it to Narayandas. Narayandas bowed it from his head. He asked the well being of Shri Acharyaji & praised that he is very lucky that two vaishnavas have come to meet him in jail. While all this talks were on, five bags of Rs.1,000 each came from the house of Narayandas. Narayandas gave those bags to these vaishnavas & told them to take them. He told them to leave that place immediately & not come back. He also regretted that he could not serve them properly.

The emperor came to the courtyard & asked whether Narayandas has paid his Rs. 5,000 to which the treasurer told no. He called upon Narayandas & asked why did not the bags come today from your house? Narayandas told that it could not come today. The emperor called the person with the stick & told him just to frighten Narayandas & not beat him. The emperor told Narayandas I will remove your skin, tell me the truth. The bags have come from your house, Where have you hidden it? At that time Narayandas told: My teacher-brothers (Gurubhai) had come. They have nothing to get their daughter married. They had come with a hope on me. For this reason I gave them all the five bags & thought that today I will have all the 500 blows. Now you do whatever you please.

After hearing Narayandas, the emperor thought that because of such selfless people only the earth still exists.

Asmita Bodh:
Feelings like a vaishnav towards Shri Mahaprabhuji & because of him towards the teacher-brothers (Gurubhai).