Shri Surdasji

Brahmin Zamindar from the village came & recognised Surdasji & told him that his ten cows are lost since three days. He will give two cows to the one who will help him in finding them. Surdasji told him that he does not want his cows but still he can tell where they were. He told that one mile away in the house of one zamindaar where the horses are kept even your cows are there.

Zamindaar – You helped me in finding my cws. Take your two cows.
Surdasji – I have already taken refuge of Shri Thakorji. Why should I take your cows?
Zamindaar – I am a Brahman if you wish I can bring rotis from my place.
Then zamindaar built a hut & kept a servant for him. Everybody came to know about this. People started coming. Glory started rising.

Then one night a thought strike him. I am in a fix. Why should I grow my glory? God’s glory should be raised. Thinking this he built a place near Gaughat between Mathura-Agra & started living there.

He was good in singing & good in seeing shakuns (good times) also. He again became famous. Many became his followers.

Once Shri Mahaprabhuji came there with many followers. He took bath in Yamunaji, did Sandhya vandan & came to teach path. One follower came to Surdasji & told that Shri Mahaprabhuji who went to Kashi & in south criticized Mayavaad & have established Bhakti Marg have come here.

Surdasji asked him to inform him when Shri Mahaprabhuji will relax after having food. When Shri Mahaprabhuji had his food & came to all the sevaks & seated with them, Surdasji were informed. He too came & after touching the feet of Shri Mahaprabhuji seated with other sevaks. Shri Mahaprabhuji asked him to sing some padas of Shri Thakorji. He sung Prabhu ke sab patitanko. Shri Mahaprabhuji told him that being Sur why are you so sad. There after Shri Mahaprabhuji stayed there for three days. Surdasji made all his followers the followers of Shri Mahaprabhuji.

Asmita Bodh:
Realizing the importance of Shri Mahaprabhuji, he gave away his master hood. He himself along with his followers became the followers of Shri Mahaprabhuji. Sacrifice of the ego of Surdasji.