Once upon a time there lived a fox named Sheru in the jungle. One day, Sheru was very hungry and he could find nothing in the jungle to eat. So, in search of food he went to the nearby village. He got something to eat in the outskirts of the village. But it could not satisfy his hunger completely. So he came in the village searching for more food to eat.

But to his bad luck, upon entering the village he found himself surrounded by dogs. He thought that now he would become prey to those dogs. He forgot his hunger and to save his life, he started running away from the dogs. The dogs started chasing him. Suddenly the fox fell in a tub f yellow paint made by a painter for painting. When the fox came out he was completely yellow. When the dogs reached the place, they found a yellow animal. On seeing him, they were afraid and ran back to the village.

Sheru returned to the jungle. On seeing him, some animals who were drinking water from the lake were afraid and started running here and there. Sheru understood that they were afraid of him. So he went to the animals and told them that he is their new king and he will protect them from the evils. The animals at once accepted this word and started treating him like their king. Even the tiger, lion and elephants thought that he was mighty and accepted him as their king.

Now the days changed for Sheru and he no longer had to search for his food. Instead, the other animals used to fetch him food. Many days passed and Sheru was enjoying all his royalty. Once, other foxes from the nearby jungle came to the jungle. They were dancing and singing in their language. They were celebrating something. Seeing them, Sheru became tempted to dance with his cpmmunity members. He jumped from his throne and went straight to them and started dancing and singing in their language. The animals soon understood that he was no mighty animal but none other than the fox Sheru who was cheating them all this while. This enraged the animals and to seek revenge they attacked Sheru and killed him.

Moral of the Story

Success achieved by wrong means is always short-lived.