Once upon a time, there was a Brahmin named Totaram Pandit. Once he got a goat as donation. He was very happy and was passing through the jungle along with the goat to his home. He was scared at the same time, as there were many thieves in that jungle. But the Brahmin thought, “Who will try to rob a Brahmin and commit a sin?” But still the fear prevailed in the back of his mind

A group of four thieves were behind a tree and were watching the Brahmin passing with his goat. Seeing the healthy goat, one thief told how nice it would be if they get that goat. But the other thief told that it would be a great sin to rob a Brahmin and that they will have to go to hell because of that. They were closely watching the Brahmin with a confused mind.

Suddenly one of the thieves told the group that the goat can be theirs and they will not have to rob the Brahmin also for that. The other thieves glared at each other confusingly and asked him as to how was it possible. The thief told his plan in their ears and then they positioned themselves as planned.

Two thieves came to the Brahman and gave their pranaams to him and asked him as to where is he going with a dog? The Brahmin furiously asked them whether they were in their senses as they could not distinguish between a dog and a goat. He told them that he had got it as a daan (donation). The thieves told him that he had been fooled by someone and that it was a dog and not goat. The Brahmin became confused and started going ahead. After a while the other two thieves confronted the Brahmin and asked about his well being. They too pointed out the goat and told the Brahmin as to where is he going with the dog. At this, the Brahmin became confused and told them that it was a goat. But they insisted that it was not a goat but a dog and that he had been fooled by someone.

At this point, the Brahmin really thought that he had been fooled and he left the goat in the jungle and cursing the man who had given it to him left for his home. The thieves then caught the goat.

Moral of the Story

One should not blindly believe any stranger and confuse his mind but should have faith in himself