Pandit Shri GATTULALJI: Once a well known learned Pandit, named Khatawdekar came to meet Pandit Shri GATTULALJI, He wanted to test his extra-ordinary memory. But without disclosing that he casually told him that he has heard quite a lot about his (SHRI GATTULALJI’S) extra-ordinary memory. He requested him to illustrate the same before him and further told that he has brought a book written in Marathi language which he will read before him and that he should reproduce the same as read.

SHRI GATTULALJI smiled at him and said “I am not a GOD. I am just an ordinary human being. But if you wish you may read. If God wishes I will be able to reproduce whatever you will read.”

Shri Khatawdekar hearing this got delighted and noted the time and started reading the book, which lasted for about 30.5 minutes. SHRI GATTULALJI after that reproduced word by word in Marathi language the book which he had read. He even marked the time of sniffing of some person during the course of reading. He also pointed out the strokes of the clock that had struck during the period of reading.

Shri Khatawdekar got ashamed and thanked SHRI GATTULALJI and departed.

(With thanks from the book named ‘GOLOKVASI BHARAT MARTAND VEDANT BHATTACHARYA PANDIT GATTULALJI’) published by Shuddhadwaita sanshad Modasa.

Asmita Bodh:

One of the great personalities of Pushtimarg.