This, Shri Goverdhan Sharma having Panchnandi as second pet name, who has obtained two honorable degrees i.e. ‘Bharat Martand’ & ‘Vedanta Bhattacharya’ is well known as Gattulal. His arrival in this part of the country for some work was fortunate. His glorious adventure has been known to the people of Bundi State. At the same time after hearing through our family members his appreciation we had been anxious to personally see his ‘SHATVAADHANI’ miracles personally. When he came to our city while going to his native place from Kota we saw even more miracles. The attendants of the meeting listened to his speech attentively. He has performed more than 100 experiments of AVADHANI taking matter from Sanskrit, HIndi, Gujrati, Arabi etc.. A questioner having spoken three irrelevant stanzas & as per his demand Shri Gattulalji quickly formulated the last stanza, he constructed 15 new Shlokas in 15 minutes, constructed 5 shlokas having double meanings, also constructed stories of Meghanad & Kansa with Pun, explained clearly the opinion of Shatdarshan Shastras etc.. He has shown his talent in many more such subjects. We are much pleased with his extra ordinary politeness though being so learned. Since childhood though not having any external eyesight we are surprised & delighted by his extraordinary internal vision. Because of that being proud of him we honored him by presenting him with  letter of honor & silver stick. Kartak Vad Satam, V.S. 1950

Asmita Bodh:

Less known great personality of the vaishnavas of past & the respect they had from the rulers of that era.